Privacy-Free Zone

The Privacy-Free Zone (#PFZ, 2016*) is an interdisciplinary project born to defend the freedom of artistic expression and contrast in a world of increasing regulations. The aim is to promote the integration of expressive minorities by giving them a voice and supporting the mission of a pluralistic society. The work of art is characterized by the formal appropriation of a red dot, a metaphorical “coin” which, on one hand, reveals and, on the other hand, hides. The revelation is endorsed by the article that defends the freedom of artistic expression; the hidden part, in antithesis, is associated with the privacy (censorship). The tension created by this dichotomy makes this relational and environmental art project a symbol that causes reactions that depend on the cultural context of the public. The physical diffusion of red fulcrums is determined by a different level of coordinated interactions with other similar red points (physical hubs): a newspaper on which contributions of artists, and even a dedicated performance converge. This experience connects and a compares these environments, fostering an unprecedented dialogue between the artist, society and individuals. While the red dot does not cause this experience physically, it causes it by virtually linking cities and nations to highlight similarities and differences, and attracting collective imaginary perceptions on the web with an experimental perceptive approach..

CJA – 2020

The Covid Joggers Act (CJA, 2020*) recognizes the implications that the coronavirus pandemic has on democracy and human rights. CJA was born from the Privacy-Free Zone project (*2011) which was established to question the relation between the law and the right of expression. The coronavirus has tested governments’ abilities to react and avoid social, economic, and political tragedies. In response to this crisis, governments have constrained democratic rights. Manifestations have been banned, elections postponed, surveillance has increased while privacy has decreased. Additionally, journalists and human rights defenders have been detained which restricts information dispersion. The red dots that characterize CJA are a form of mimitised rebellion towards the strict regulations. They are also used as markers and connectors of spaces to create a dialogue between the artist, society, and space. The dots act as ‘psychological and visual viruses’ because they remain in an individual’s unconscious but once they become repeatedly noticed they become part of the perceived reality and something that progressively receives greater conscious attention. To further broach our audience’s selective perception to this crisis and the restriction of rights around the world and issues related to privacy, surveillance, etc. this platform will be used to share articles and other expressions that have recently been published.

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